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Undergraduate research is typically the first step students take if they are interested in choosing science as a profession. Besides allowing them to establish a strong working relationship with a faculty member in their field of interest, undergraduate research teaches them how to communicate their results, both through publishing in peer-reviewed journals and by making formal presentations at the School of Arts & Sciences’ annual Student Symposium and at national and international conferences.

Working on an independent research project is also an excellent way to satisfy the program’s experiential learning requirement. To receive credit, students can:

  • Conduct research during the semester with a faculty member (generally receiving academic credit by enrolling in ENVR 320).
  • Conduct research with a faculty member over the summer. Students apply for fellowships through the School of Arts & Sciences. Receiving a fellowship necessitates a 40 hours per week commitment for 10 weeks and in return, the School provides students with living expenses and a stipend.  
  • Conduct research while studying abroad.
  • Conduct research at an off-site facility