Environmental Studies Program

Environmental Studies Program

The Environmental Studies Program offers students the opportunity to study how humans should relate to the natural world, a subject that has become increasingly relevant as more people begin paying attention to the Earth’s limited resources and our own impact on those resources.

Major & MinorCourses

Environmental Studies students on a boat in the bay

Experiential Learning

The Environmental Studies Program requires that all majors participate in an experiential learning opportunity before graduating. The most standard ways to satisfy this requirement are to conduct supervised, independent research on an environmental topic with UR faculty (ENVR320, ENVR406, or an approved equivalent course from another department), or participate in an approved environmental internship off-campus and complete ENVR388 during the fall semester.

Global Environment Speaker Series

Global Environmental Speaker Series

Each year the Department of Geography, Environment, & Sustainability, the Environmental Studies Program, and Global Studies Program partner to bring noteworthy speakers and scholars to Richmond to present lectures related to our global environment. All events are free and open to the public.

Dual Degree Program & Partners

For goal-oriented students who are dedicated to earning at least a master's degree in environmental studies or forestry, the University of Richmond offers dual degree programs with Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. For the Dual Degree program, students complete three years at Richmond and then two years at Duke; at the end of their fourth year, they receive their undergraduate degree from Richmond and at the end of their fifth year, they receive their master's degree from Duke.

We have cooperative agreements with Duke University’s Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina, and the Marine Biological Laboratory Semester in Environmental Science (MBL SES) program in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Additional opportunities for off-campus research include the National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), which connects students with environmental research projects in the natural and social sciences.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Highlights

Dr. Carrie Wu
Wu and Undergraduate Published

Carrie Wu, associate professor of biology, and Dominique Pham, '22, published "Seed Longevity and Germination of the Emerging Invasive Species Wavyleaf Basketgrass (Oplismenus undulatifolius) Under Varied Light Regimes" in Invasive Plant Science and Management.    

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Dr. Elizabeth Outka
Outka Appointed

Elizabeth Outka, professor of English was appointed the Tucker-Boatwright Professorship of Humanities.

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Dr. Todd Lookingbill
Lookingbill Promoted

Todd Lookingbill was promoted to professor of geography, environment, and sustainability; and biology. Dr. Lookingbill is a landscape ecologist whose areas of research include environmental stewardship, climate change, watershed assessment, and battlefield ecology.

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Dr. Todd Lookingbill
Lookingbill Published

Todd Lookingbill, associate professor of geography, environmental studies, and biology, published an article, "Connectivity in the Urban Landscape (2015–2020): Who? Where? What? When? Why? and How?" in Current Landscape Ecology Reports.

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